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radio button and checkbox issue on form

Question asked by g_rathod on Jan 7, 2011
Hi Friends,

I have used radio button and checkbox in my form.
If we are using combo box we have following type of solution in alfresco share

<select id="${args.htmlid}-name" name="xyz" >
<option value="xyz">XYZ</option>   
<option value="abc">ABC</option>
<option value="pqr">PQR</option>

Using id name we can get selected value using
var firstname = Dom.get( + "-name").value;

Now question is for radio and checkbox
if I have multiple radio options
1. xyz
2. abc
3. pqr

using single ID I am not able to retrieve proper value using same dom element.
Do I need to give each radio / checkbox a separate id??  isn't it worst?

what is the solution to get proper value among selected checkbox or radio button??
Please help me on this.