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Tomcat service startup fails

Question asked by spartan300 on Jan 8, 2011
Just installed alfresco 3.4c from new onto a VM centos 5.5 64 bit, with 2GB of RAM and 25GB of hard drive. This was a complete install using the default .bin file on a new build VM.

The actuall installation went through with no problems, and i logged onto the alfresco share with no problems and started playing around with it etc for several hours.

Booted up the VM the following day and now for no apparent reason, alfresco service starts ok, but the tomcat service fails to start up at all! I can't even browse to localhost:8080 at all, but apache default page on 80 is ok.

It appears that tomcat just fails to start up at all. I've started a new VM and tried again with a brand new install of the OS etc and the same thing happens. it all works as long as you dont shut the machine down!!!

Any ideas at all would be great, as i'm keen to switch over fro using sharepoint to alfresco asap.

Many Thanks…