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Guest user authentication policy

Question asked by ludovic on Jan 10, 2011
I'm under alfresco labs 3.2 and try to have the following behaviour :
- by default, when an unregistered user comes to alfresco, he is automatically logged into Guest, without any login prompt
- when click on "log out", it should be redirected to the login page to permit to log in with another account

In order to do that, I've set

but when going to webbrowser, it begins to show me a prompt (not even login.jsp page, but a browser prompt) asking for login and password,
and only when I click ok without any login it logs me as guest. When I click on the "logout", it shows me "you've been disconnected. reconnect" (or a message like that) and when I click to "reconnect", it reconnects me a guest. I'd like to have login.jsp page.

Is there any simple way to obtain my behaviour ?
Thank in advance for your help.