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form.get.js in Alfresco 3.4

Question asked by marco.altieri on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by marco.altieri
Hi all,

in Alfresco 3.3 the share webscript described in form.get.desc.xml that manages the rendering of a form had the javascript form.get.js
This javascript was responsible for a lot of preprocessing: it was the "controller" of the MVC.
It is well described here:

Alfresco 3.4 does not have the form.get.js script anymore. Where is this "controller" that substitutes the old form.get.js script ?

With 3.3 it was possible to decide which configuration to use for the rendering of a form using the query string parameter: formId.
For example with the following link:
I was able to specify that the form engine should use the form configured in the share-config-custom.xml with the id "my-form".

On 3.4 the formId is ignored. Is this a bug? How can I specify this id?