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Unable to delete file even if user is the owner

Question asked by piski on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by ssrjazz
Hi all,

I am experiencing some troubles with file deletion (Alfresco 3.4.b) …

- In storage, EVERYONE is consumer by default
- In a folder, which inherits default access, my user is the owner of some documents (but the creator is someone else)

He can move the files which are owned but he can't delete them ! Share says "Impossible to delete {0} file" …
By CIFS, he can delete the files but when he refresh, we still see them … so the deletion don't work, like Share.

If I give him, temporarily, Coordinator role to enable him the right to add a document and I drop these rights after, he can delete file because he's the creator of the document.

So, after some tests, you cannot delete file if you are'nt the creator of the document, even if you are the owner of it.

Is this a known bug or is this an Alfresco will ?
If this is a bug, can I activate some "log4j" to have more details about the failed operation (message seems to be a "normal" error same as "When you haven't rights to do something) ?

As far as I knew, the owner of the document can move or delete file, even if the creator is someone else (except if the owner is "blank", the creator will be taken as the owner of the document), is this still right ?

I'm really stuck with this issue (even if I give to my user the Coordinator role) !

I think it's a "big issue" because when you load documents in mass, they are created by admin (another choice ?). The ability to define the owner after the procedure (by a script, a rule …), for a real use, is not effective so you are stuck for deletion files rights …

I hope my explanation is clear …

Thanks for your help !