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Old YUI JavaScript in Web-Client

Question asked by wetry on Jan 11, 2011
Can I overwrite YAHOO javaScript files in Web-Client with newer versions?

In Alfresco Web-Client (NOT alfresco Share) YUI is used for ajax requests
(for sidebar navigator). JavaScript files are located in this folder:
Three files are loaded by PageTag class:
YUI is used by tree view and i think for AJAX folderPicker component.
The problem is that version of YUI here is 0.12.2, while available version is 2.8.2.
I use YUI in Web-Client and need new version of YAHOO event javaScript
(other widgets need it).

What is YUI used in Web-Client for? Should I expect problems after
changing javaScript to newer version? Where else is YUI used?

This topic
describes not loading javaScript for motools.