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Blog and Article post order.

Question asked by foosetv on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by foosetv
I'm running the lastest nightly build of 3.4d and I'm testing out a default Web Quick Start Site and made a few test articles and blog posts. I've noticed on both of them all new posts are showing up in chronological order (oldest first). How do I make them display in reverse chronological order (newest article first)?

In the document library for the news sections, the query field on the metadata for the section.articles folder has the following query:

select d.* from cmis:document as d where in_tree(d, '${section:.}') and d.cmis:objectTypeId='D:ws:article' order by d.cmis:creationDate desc

also respectively in the query field on the metadata for the latest.articles folder in the blog section has the following:

select d.* from cmis:document as d where in_folder(d, '${section:.}') and d.cmis:objectTypeId='D:ws:article' and d.cmis:name not like 'comment-thankyou.html' order by d.cmis:creationDate desc

I'm assuming the part where it says "order by d.cmis:creationDate desc" is the command to display the articles in decending order. I've tried editing this query with no luck. I've tried changing the "desc" to "asc" or leaving it blank, nothing seems to work. Is there some other criteria that articles and blog posts are sorted by that I might be missing?  :cry: