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Alfresco was working but stopped forced shutdown

Question asked by houldsworth1 on Jan 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2011 by dc41
I am running Alfresco under Ubuntu Server 10.10 running inside VMWare player.  I had everything up and running and everything was fine.  I then shut down VMWare player by just clicking on the [X] - which normally doesn't cause me any problems.  The system shut down very quickly, which would imply that it didn't do it gracefully.  After that I couldn't get Alfresco to run again.

Tomcat is running because I can hit the ip:8080 and get the nice banner.  But nothing else. 

When I tried start it gives me an error that Tomcat is already running, and when I try stop it tells me that it can't stop Tomcat because it isn't running  :?

I'm going to uninstall and start again but am worried the same thing will happen again after I have spent time adding content (which, fortunately, I had not done yet) and then I am going to be in a bind.

If anyone has a magic bullet command that forces everything to be reset that would be awesome :)