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Reusing XForm/Chiba in Alfresco Share

Question asked by orichaud on Jan 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by windauer
We use share to store our multimedia content and have created some custom types and now we would like to store huge XML files which represent structured data entered by users. These XML files are governed by a XSD schema.

We would like to provide forms and to enter those data and update them. We are very reluctant at developing custom web forms as the expected complexity is  high.We also noticed  that Alfresco supports XForm and embeds Chiba. Thus with the XSD, XForms and the necessary CSS tuning, we would have a powerful solution that would allow a huge cut  on developments. As far as In understand, this integration has been done for WCM and I would like to understand if there is a chance to reuse this integration in Share.