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Impact of NodeService calls on MySQL database

Question asked by orichaud on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by orichaud
I am currently having a look at the database usage as we are currently planning to develop with the Java Foundation API some new components and services. We have defined a new document type (subclassing cm:content) with many metadata and recursive associations connecting sub objects and we need to retrieve the full object graph. At worst, this can represent something like 700 properties scattered into tens of objects interconnected.

I traced the SQL statements using the ''NodeService.getChildAssocs'' which returns the children objects, but I did not see in my logs the corresponding SQL statement for 'NodeService.getProperties'. As my understanding of Alfresco is limited, I understand that the properties were fetched from the lucene indexes. Am I right?

My current environment is Windows + MySQL + Alfresco 3.4b.

More generally, I someone can give me some explanations, I would really appreciate.