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Unavailable functionality from Internet vs local network

Question asked by smillerboulder on Jan 19, 2011
Installed alfresco-community-3.4.c-installer-win-x32
I have successfully installed Alfresco to a Windows XP box.
I can access Alfresco Share successfully via localhost.
I have logged into Share and added a new site (Test Site).
I have set the box up on my local network and can access the box and my Test Site successfully (http://(xp box):8080/share)
I set up a Hostname and WebHop at as well as forwarded Port 8080 in my router to the XP box.
I can successfully access my Share Test Site via the Internet and my DynDNS Hostname.

When I access my Test Site via localhost or on my local network everything works correctly, however when I access it via the Internet the following items are not working:
1) The Data List New Item button is grayed out and any entries I had in my list are not visible - the object that holds each item in the list does not appear - the area is blank
2) When I select the Document Library, none of my documents appear - the document area is all blank

Also, when I view my Share Dashboard none of my sites appear in the My Sites frame and the task frame displays "Loading…" with no All Tasks button.  I have to select my Test Site from the Sites menu on the top toolbar.

I am not sure where to start troubleshooting this issue.  Ideas are appreciated.

Btw, I wasn't able to locate a alfresco.log