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File upload not working with Flash 10.1

Question asked by garyhodgson on Jan 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by garyhodgson

I've noticed that the file upload functionality has stopped working since the flash version on my browser was upgraded to 10.1.  The file dialog appears and you can select a file, but upon choosing to upload the file the bar turns orange and says "Error", but with no message in the browser console or the server side logs (that I can see).

I'm pretty sure it's caused by Flash 10.1, as I can successfully upload a fiel using IE which is still on version 9. The various versions are:

    Alfresco Community v3.4.0 (a 3169) schema 4111
    Spring Surf and Spring WebScripts - v1.0.0 (Milestone 3 508)
    Chrome 10.0.634.0, with Flash
    Firefox 3.6.13, with Flash
    IE 8.0.6001, with Flash (works)
Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a known problem with Share and Flash 10.1 that I missed?