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How to determine which version of Community Ed. is stable

Question asked by samphan on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by mrogers
When someone choose an open source product, they'd pick the latest, most stable version of it. Many projects help the user by distinguishing the less stable and more stable version, such as the Ubuntu LTS. Several projects add the dev or beta label to the version name.

However, for Alfresco, the community edition is the beta. I imagine Alfresco engineers make a branch out of a community edition long before the actual release to fix bugs, then release it as an enterprise edition (plus enterprise-only features). Alfresco engineers then merge the fixes to the community branch somewhere, which already have a lot more features than the enterprise edition. So community branch will always be feature-rich but less stable.

I have problems selecting the right version of community edition because different versions would have different feature-dependent showstoppers. I need your advice. How to choose the most stable community edition?