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LDAP MD5 hash use for sync and users

Question asked by sashker on Jan 21, 2011

I'm try to use LDAP authentication and synchronization, but I've some errors.

In my slapd.conf I use MD5 password for ROOTPW as: {MD5}wClf+k3HdDY0kg6b0+aguA== (and for users in my base too).

When I use "SIMPLE" method for synchronization "" and "" I've got error: "00210000 LDAP authentication failed"

If I use ""(original for MD5 func.) - it's ok., but I want use secure MD5 hash in my configuration files!

In case "" + "" I've got: "00210000 Unable to connect to LDAP Server; check LDAP configuration" and "[LDAP: error code 7 - SASL not supported]".

I don't use SASL in my OpenLDAP configuration.

How I can use MD5 hash in my configuration files for authentication and synchronization?