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Share javascript files

Question asked by bcoulson on Jan 21, 2011

Ok - I feel as if I am chasing my own tail (if I had one  :) ). So I am using the Alfresco repository and am interested in accessing a Word document stored there through the Share protocol so the user can edit it directly from within the IE browser and not have to download it, save it locally, etc. or be bothered by the Open/Save dialog. I am able to do this now via the Share interface and can see that there is alot of ability to customize the Share interface - look&feel, templates, etc. However, I am accessing the repository from a Bonita process and am checking my file out from there. Is the idea that I can use the Share javascript file(s) to do this? In particular, the file that contains the javascript function of interest (onActionEditOnline) is documentLibrary-actions.js. Or am I missing something and that is not allowed? Is there another way to do it? I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Also - if I am allowed to do it, any idea how I find out what value(s) to supply for asset, the function's argument?
I am using Afresco Community 3.4 version.