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? document collaboration - 'inline' comments ?

Question asked by b3zra1y on Jan 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2011 by _sax
Wondering if there are any existing capabilities that have been developed for Alfresco for the following scenario:
- a registered user can provide comments 'right next to' a particular section of a document or PDF (e.g., a paragraph).
- these comments might appear in something like a sticky note or a text bubble so that they're intuitive and readily visible (or expandable)
- another user can reply to or refine that comment and so a kind of context-specific discussion thread is created.
I've see sites such as 'webnotes' or 'crocodoc' that do this kind of thing.

I've been away from the Alfresco community for a couple of years, so am not sure of the latest state of things on this front.
Thanks in advance for any input…