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Content without Versioning

Question asked by orbitron on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by mrogers

I am using 4.3.c Community edition.

My main purpose is change the initial version of a Document. When you upload a new "Content" it always start with version "1.0". It will be a nice feature for future versions if you could choose the inital version (i.e "0.1").

Finding a workaround:
I have installed the module made by Peter Monks:
Where basically it defines a new type where one metadata is "Baseline" parameter. This module works if you create a new content WITHOUT versioning, setting your baseline version. When that content is make "Versionable" (change in the Aspects) the initial version should be taken from the "Baseline" Version inserted by the module.

Now, the PROBLEM:
It is not possible to create content without versioning. I have set all the applicable variables: cm:initialVersion y cm:autoVersion in ModelContent.xml to false. But the explorer says "No version" to new documents but if I enter with "Share" the document always have "Version History" with "1.0", even if the aspect "Versionable" is not set.
Due to this I guess the version-baselining module from Peter Monks does not work, because it is not allowed to change Version to an already versioned content.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance!