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Uploaded documents assigned octetstream mimetype

Question asked by mthome on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by stevegreenbaum
I uploaded several thousand documents, mainly pdf and jpg, to a new alfresco-3.4.c installation using webdav from a windows machine.  The documents are all there, but were all assigned a mimetype of octetstream rather than the correct mimetype based on extension (acrobat or jpeg).  This has resulted in a big, unindexable document tree without previews.  I can manually set the correct mime types, but this is obviously unrealistic for 3000 files.

1. how can I avoid this in the future?  All the filenames are correct (e.g. "Foo.pdf") - when I upload files as "Foo.PDF" it works correctly - this seems awfully backward, especially when the mimetype-map.xml lists all the extensions properly in lowercase.
2. how can I fix the mimetypes in bulk within alfresco?