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Alfresco 3.3g - CIFS file access denied and read-only

Question asked by romgo on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by eydun_n

I'm running alfresco 3.3g on a Debian server.

Users mainly use CIFS access. With time we figure some very annoying problems :

- Sometimes files are in read-only mode, I did reproduce this, for exemple if user A is using a file, if I try to open this file I will be in readonly mode.
But the weird thing is that users report that there is nobody using the file.
As I don't have any tool which allow me to know if this is true, I believe them !
The solution when this occur is to try to rename the file through the web interface.

- Sometimes we can't access files, we get an error "access denied", I was not able to reproduce this condition.

All those problems concern Excel or Word files.

Does anyone already found those issues ? Am I the only one ?
Is it a configuration issue ?
I open some bug reports, but still waiting for an answer.

Its bad because users are not happy with the service provided by Alfresco. I agree with them, they can't work that way.
I really think that Alfresco has a great potential, but for now I'm far away.

Any feedback appreciated.