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How to convert non-versionable node into first version?

Question asked by joko71 on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by _sax
How can I convert non-versionable node into first version in the most effective way?

So far I came up with this:

   public static void addAspect(NodeRef nodeRef, String comment) {
      CheckOutCheckInService checkOutCheckInService = AlfrescoServices.getServiceRegistry().getCheckOutCheckInService();
      AlfrescoServices.getNodeService().addAspect(nodeRef, ContentModel.ASPECT_VERSIONABLE, null);
      NodeRef nodeRefWorkingCopy = checkOutCheckInService.checkout(nodeRef);
      checkOutCheckInService.checkin(nodeRefWorkingCopy, Utils.getMinorVersionProperties(comment));

   public static Map<String, Serializable> getMinorVersionProperties(final String comment) {
      Map<String, Serializable> versionProperties = new HashMap<String, Serializable>();
      versionProperties.put(Version.PROP_DESCRIPTION, comment);
      versionProperties.put(VersionModel.PROP_VERSION_TYPE, VersionType.MINOR);

      return versionProperties;

This way I get created 1.0 version, but the current user is noted as 1.0 version creator, not the original creator.

Is there a way to modify the code so that the original creator is noted as 1.0 version creator?