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Customizing Rrcords Management

Question asked by sihnu on Jan 27, 2011
Hello, I would like to make some customizations to Records Management module but I don't have a clue where to start from.

What I would like to do is:

1. Have my own metadata fields for records

It is possible to add custom metadata fields but how could i remove metadata fields and make them all from scratch?

2. Inherit metada fields to records from category or file plan or some other way

I would like to have some default metadata fields for my records that are pre defined and automatically set. For example date and some others.

3. Custom lifecycle

I would like to have my own lifecycle so that records in a category would move from phase to another when some event occurs. Those events would be tied to certain phase of time or some other.

Alfresco being open source I know this is possible but could someone point me a direction how I could make those customizations. How difficult would it be? Would it need some java programming or could I do it using web scripts or customizing xml-files?