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Accessing Share from RESTful API

Question asked by bcoulson on Jan 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by mrogers

Ok - I need some assistance. I am working on an integration between Bonita and Alfresco. I need to be able to access the documents stored in the Alfresco repository from within my Bonita process - so I would like to add files to the repository, check them out, edit them and recheck them in. All of these are possible with the Bonita connector for Alfresco except the edit file piece. In this particular case, I need to edit a Word document from within my process. My process gets deployed as a web application so I need to edit the Word file from an internet browser, saving the changes back to the Alfresco repository. Here is the catch - in order to edit a word document, I need to use SharePoint - so I will be using the Share Site portion of the Alfresco repository (which is not where the Bonita connector places documents by default). My question is - is it allowed for me to access the Share Site(s) and documentLibrary from an interface other than the Share interface. It seems like this would be straightforward, but I also notice that when I access the Sites/documentLibrary from the Alfresco Explorer, there is a warning that documents in this folder are managed by Alfresco Share and I should access/manage them from there.

Any help is greatly appreciated.