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[solved] The remote server may be unavailable

Question asked by catscratch on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by augustodelucena

We're thinking about to buy Alfresco Share. So I wanted to install AShare 30 days trial (enterprise) to test it.

I used the quick installation guide.

Everthing seams fine. I can go to localhost:8080/share an get a login dialog.

But I can't login with the username "admin" and the password specified at the installation.
Failed to Login
The remote server may be unavailable or your authentication details have not been recognised.

Ok, so I googled a lot and searched the forum. Now I understood that the "alfresco explorer" should run at localhost:8080/alfresco
But it don't! So I though I have to install another "basic thing" to run AShare in top of it?! But I don't know what. I thought I only have to take the installation package "alfresco-enterprise-3.4.0-installer-linux-x64.bin" and everything is fine.

So my question is: Is there an installation guide for howto install Alfresco Share on a clean Linux? With all needed packages before the share installation?

Should I install the community edition and than share in top of it? Or whats the right way? The wiki wasn't very helpful.

Thank you.