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Date JS library prone to deep recursion problems?

Question asked by ghl on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by ghl
Has anyone else encountered a problem with recurstion in the Date JS library that is in the Form UI component?  I'm trying to characterize the problem but I am finding myself stuck on how to characterize the problem.  If you've run into issues where you encounter a "too much recursion" error in Firefox, would like to bounce some ideas off of you.

I believe that the issue is caused by the toString method falling into an endless recursion trap.  It appears that this happens when there appears to be some other javascript that conflicts with the Date JS library class.  It could also possibly be the String.prototype.split() function since it uses RegEx as the delimiter which I know has caused me some crazy issues in the past.

I have a temporary fix for this, but can't say it's a fix without characterizing the issue.