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Using Share Dashlets in custom surf web application

Question asked by zoe on Jan 29, 2011
How much effort would be required to include some dashlets from Share into a custom surf web app? For example, if you wanted to include the polling dashlet from share-extras inside the web content management quick start (wcmqs) web-app. Has anyone done this sort of thing?

a bit of background: We are evaluating using Alfresco as our web content manager for a content-rich website that will include other web-app functionality like polling, a calendar, and social media. We want the content of the website to be managed by Alfresco using its categories, search, version control, workflow, etc. The website is not a collaborative tool, rather a resource for users. I would image that some website management would be done in Share (like setting up the poll), but most content editing/creating would be done in the website itself using awe (just like the wcmqs app does). So, it seems like we could get a good start on this website by starting with the wcmqs webapp and including in it some share dashlets. I'm just not sure how easy that would be to do.

Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated!