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Cannot install on existing webserver

Question asked by stevek on Jan 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2011 by mrogers
Hello Folks!
I am running both Ubuntu 10.4 and Centos 5.5 (two seperate machines).  I have webservers running on both using Apache (not tomcat), mysql, joomla, moodle.  I downloaded the alfresco installer and followed the docs.  Here are the main issues besides not getting it to run:
I  have to shut down httpd PRIOR to installing or none of the ports I try will work (default for alfresco is 8080 I can use 8181 or others but only if the webserver is shut down.  the sql port of 3306 will not work, have to amend this to another, and I can not use an alternative port for ftp. It must remain as port 22.  Once I get past the hurdles of ports, it finally says it installed.  Sql has the new DB and all looks fine in that.  When I type in localhost:8181 (or the default) All I get is page cannot be displayed.
Can someone direct me toa doc on  installing Alfresco on an existing Apache server OR, how to get the tomcat installed with alfresco (/opt/alfresco) to play nice with apache and run?
Or, is my only recourse building a separate machine with alfreso as the only thing on it?
I would like to use moodle and joomla with alfresco as it would work best for what I want to do, but I will follow any recommendations.