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Simple one-step publish

Question asked by dwoods on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by bremmington

We are evaluating the Web Quick Start functionality, and I have a couple of questions so far..

1. The default workflow is fine for some of the sites/users, but in many of our smaller sites where the individual creating & editing the content IS the site manager, the  "Start workflow -> review & publish -> assign to Myself -> go to My Dashboard -> select the Task -> Publish -> go back to My Dashboard -> select the task again -> set to Done" process is cumbersome is would meet with a lot of resistance from users.  How can I add a one-step "Publish" option to the actions list for a piece of content (beside the 'Start Workflow' option) for users that have a appropriate privileges?

2. When editing HTML content using the TinyMCE editor and adding an image, in some cases there is no "Browse" button to select an image from the repository.  When  there is a button, clicking it does nothing.  I assume that this browse link is meant to allow a user to browse and select from the repository like in WCM, but I'm not sure.   Most times it makes sense to only allow users to  add images via a separate field so that we can decide how best to present it on the website, but for standard informational pages users will want to place images within the HTML content.  A lot of the site editors are non-technical, and don't understand how to acquire the URL for an image they just uploaded to the site and paste it into the image TinyMCE URL field (and even if we told them, they may only edit the site twice a year, and would forget).   What is my best option here for making this more user-friendly?

I'm using version Community version 3.4d (from HEAD).

Thanks in advance,

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