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Trouble during evaluation, Alfresco 3.4.c

Question asked by picolsidebar on Jan 31, 2011
I am currently attempting to evaluate Alfresco (Community 3.4.c) for enterprise use and I am using the "Getting Started with WCM for Alfresco Community" PDF @ as a springboard to getting a site up and running.

Upon reaching the section "Create web content: Press Releases" I experience an issue when attempting to move to Step Two.  Based on the Step One options upon clicking "Next" the browser "just spins" never completing the request.  There are no errors or issues in the alfresco.log file regarding this request as far as I can tell.

These are the last couple messages logged

14:46:41,587 INFO  [org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.TemplateProcessorRegistry] Registered template
processor freemarker for extension ftl
14:46:41,593 INFO  [org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.ScriptProcessorRegistry] Registered script pro
cessor javascript for extension js

If I were to modify the choices in Step One and choose either "HTML" or "FreeMarker" as the template the process moves forward, but deviates from the instructions which prevents me from entering the proper content values.  I am guessing this issue is occurring due to the template creation stage where I created (as instructed) two templates, one FreeMarker press-release-plain-text.ftl and one HTML press-release.xsl.  But am instructed to choose XML at the press release content creation step.

So I guess my question is/are

a) am I reading incorrectly?
b) is there an error in the getting started tutorial?
c) Is there a better choice for stepping through a website creation through the CMS?

Thanks in advance,