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Standalone Deployment Receiver as a Service

Question asked by rf-srns on Feb 1, 2011
Has anyone had success in getting the Standalone Deployment Receiver (formerly FSR) running as a service on Windows Server 2008 64-bit?  I have seen one solution posted that requires the licensed version of Java Service Wrapper (TanukiSoftware).  But the JSW solution seems to require making something of a mess of the application directories.  Has anyone tackled this with the Apache Commons Daemon (procrun) approach?  This is what Alfresco is using to do the service installation of tomcat.  I think that is my next step, but if anyone has done this already and is willing to share, I'd appreciate it.  If I get it going on my own, I'll post what I did.

I think not having a service installer solution for 64-bit Windows supplied with the Enterprise distribution is quite a glaring omission for an enterprise grade solution.  Or lacking that, at least instructions for how to accomplish this.  Have I missed this somewhere?