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How to use Alfresco in this scenario?

Question asked by sim085 on Feb 2, 2011
Hello, I am planning to use Alfresco to organise files related to the projects I am working on, however I do not know how to exactly use it. My problem is not installation but rather how to logically organise everything. I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions. My projects are IT based. This means that I have both source files and document files. So far I keep everything in sub-version. I would like to make the project files accessible through Alfresco. However I have some questions before I do so;

First, does this mean that I will be managing the source files through subversion and the documents through alfresco?  (i.e. - source and documentation will be stored in different locations). Also does alfresco also keep version control? I have tried Alfresco a little and I must admit I like it. But not knowing how to organise things - or better, what is the professional way to organise things - is limiting me.

I was wondering if anyone could help me from the experience they have in using this tools.