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Workflow and Version

Question asked by craigh on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by craigh
Good Day! 

I am using Alfresco Community v3.3.0 (g 2860) schema 4100

I created a simple workflow, it simply flags a new version of a document that has been uploaded into folder A, and upon approval, it copies it into folder B. Well, this issue is that while the rule works, the version of the document does not go with it. So if an version 1.1 is uploaded into folder A and someone approves it, it is copied into Folder B as 1.0.

I have not tested what happens when 1.2 is uploaded.. but I think I need some advice… Please?

Okay, even worse .. when it I did the new 1.2 version in folder A, it would NOT copy to folder B as it would not let me approve it. Once I deleted the one that existed in folder B, then approved the one in Folder A, it did copy it over… but reversion it.. as… ready… 1.0. *sigh* Is there an option to have it overwrite on approval ?