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Preview using external application

Question asked by romschn on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by romschn

I am using a front end web application to render the front end.
I am using Alfresco as a content repository to create and store contents.

I am using WCM on Authoring machine to create contents as it is providing the capabilities such as workflow/sandbox concept/content creation using webform.
On delivery environment, I will have all the contents from authoring WCM repository deployed on to DM repository.
My front end web application will be fetching the contents from DM repository and display it on screen.

I will not be using preview functionality of WCM as I have a separate front end application and I am using Alfresco mainly for content repository.

Could you suggest me - In authoring environment during workflow process - before approving the content - how can I achieve preview functionality using front end application and content created under Alfresco WCM project in user's sandbox?