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Best hosting provider?

Question asked by icrew on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by ghl

I'm helping a friend set up an installation of CE 3.4.c to run some aspects of her small business from.  She wants to use Share to collaborate with her clients and Web Quick Start to run her web site.  This will be a very lightly-used website and share instance–I think it'll be quite unusual if more than 2 people are connected at a time.

We're looking for the best place to host it.  I'm currently considering Linode and Amazon EC2. Amazon is cheaper, but it's not clear if we could host her website there.

So, a couple of questions about all this:
1) I'd appreciate any thoughts about the above two hosting providers, as well as any that I've overlooked and that work well with Alfresco? (I'd strongly prefer a Linux host, as I'm much more comfortable in that environment.)
2) Am I right in assuming that we really do need a VPS for Alfresco? If so, what's the smallest amour of RAM we can use and still get halfway decent performance for our lightly-used Share and WQS setup? (I administer a significantly more heavily used Alfresco EE instance at my day job, so I'm not certain how low one can go.)