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Preview and Test server deployment

Question asked by romschn on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by romschn
Does anyone have any idea about Test server deployment and can give me more details on it, it would be helpful.

I am using WCM to create contents and store the contents on authoring environment.On delivery environment,I am deploying the content to DM repository.
An external front end application will render the content. Alfresco is mainly used as content repository.

Now, as I am using external application to render the contents from repository, I can easily use CMIS to fetch the contents from DM repository on delivery environment. That is perfectly fine.

However, On Authoring machine, I want to have the preview functionality as well (I can't use alfresco WCM preview functionality feature as external application renders the content).But there is below issue I am facing.
- For preview, I need to get content from user sandbox. But CMIS interface does not support fetching content from AVM stores.

So, Now thinking of exploring Test server deployment feature - what i think is deploy content from user sandbox to DM repository of test server.
Fetch the content using CMIS from DM repository of test server, preview the functionality and release the test server.

How deployment works in case of multiple users using the test servers?

If anyone have implemented this kind of scenario/any suggestions you might have, it will help.