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Configuring Email using Amazon SES

Question asked by srinivasmurty on Feb 5, 2011
After trying for weeks to get my Outgoing Email problems fixed, I had reached a point where I was seriously considering an alternative to Alfresco Share. The basic problem was that I was running an Amazon EC2 instance with Alfresco 3.3g on a Ubuntu 10.x image. I went through various settings for the Linux Mail Transport Agent (MTA - Postfix - but finally realized that the culprit was GoDaddy. Godaddy's SMTP relay host was simply not accepting emails from my Amazon host despite various configuration settings of the MX record as well as making the standard request to Amazon to allow emails to be sent from the server.

And then I recently received an email from Amazon about their Simple Email Service (SES) service. I think this is a great service for anyone running an Amazon instance and who may wish to send emails through the Alfresco. It works like a charm. Of course, it might cost some money, but if you are in their Free Tier - sending less than 2,000 messages a day - it is free, as in beer!

Amazon SES comes with a set of Perl scripts that can used from the Ubuntu (or Windows) command prompt to send an email verification message in order to ensure that the default email user for Alfresco gets authenticated. From there, you can send a test message using another Perl script and, of course, reconfigure your MTA (in my case, Postfix) to set it up for sending emails by configuring Amazon SES as the default transport. And then, you would need to make changes to the "" file.