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Accessing Alfresco Share remotely

Question asked by kweilbacher on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by bensewell
First, I have Community 3.4c intalled on a Windows 2008 R2 server and IIS.
Second, it appears I can succesfully login and access Alfresco Explorer, both internally and remotely.
Third, I have this server on a separate LAN IP Range (192.168.53.x) from my other servers and workstations (which are on 192.168.1.x).

My problem is with Alfresco Share.  I intially had some issues with displaying the login screen from the server. Using IE, the login screen would not display if I used:, although it did work from Firefox. When I say 'not displayed', the login box would not appear, I'd just get a grey screen. However, it worked if I used 'localhost' instead - http://localhost:8080/share.

To resolve this, I found that I that adding '' to IE's Trusted Sites allowed the login screen to display when using

But now I'm trying to login to Alfresco Share from a remote computer, and I get the same grey screen as before. I get this with both IE or Firefox. Any thoughts?