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FTL <#include> directive does not work in v3.4d

Question asked by nitinski on Feb 11, 2011
Something has changed in 3.4d. My earlier usage of includes in v3.3 does not work in 3.4d.

Here's an example:

v3.3 in FTL.
<#include "/include/header-main.ftl" >

Throws File not found error(in logs) with v3.4d. The files is present under ROOT/include directory.

I've tried using suggested ways of

<#assign FLTFile= companyhome.childByNamePath["header-main.ftl"].nodeRef >

but I get this error

Please correct the errors below then click Finish.

    * error regenerating rendition using feature-site.ftl: freemarker.core.NonStringException: Error on line 42, column 11 in freemarker_template Expecting a string, date or number here, Expression companyhome.childByNamePath["header-main.ftl"].nodeRef is instead a freemarker.ext.dom.NodeListModel

Any clues?
Thanks a lot.