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problems executing tutorial

Question asked by milesif on Feb 13, 2011
Hi everybody,

I installed alfresco-community-3.4.c on linux with the installer, leaving all options selected (everything works fine), then I tried to repeat the steps in Getting_started_with_WCM_for_Alfresco_Community.pdf, that says to use the example .war contained in the which I also downloaded.
The first I got the errors I am going to describe I deleted all the tutorial files (web project and web forms) and restarted anew, but I got the same problems. Anyway, until after the bulk import of alfresco-sample-website.war everything is all right and I can preview the site correctly.

The first problem is that when I create the content for the "Company Profile Form" and I submit it checking the "Submit Alfresco.xml when wizard finishes" checkbox, it does not generate any approval task for user Mark. After having submitted the new content, I can see it for a while under the "Modified Items" of the admin sandbox, then it disappears and I found it under the the snapshots node of the staging sandbox. It looks like the associated workflow (I can assure you I associated it to the company profile form when I created the web project) is not launched and the new content is directly submitted to the staging area where I find it as a new snapshot. In fact, when I submit the content I see a notice saying "No suitable workflows could be found for the modified items below". Should I check that the workflow is correctly configured?  How?

The second problem is that when I create the content for the "Press Release Form" at the step number 2 I get the error:
Error generating rendition using press-release.xsl: javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException
Under the Modified items node I found two files: WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.txt (correctly transformed) and WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.xml instead of WorldEconomicForum_Tech_Pioneer.html because the transformation failed. There must be an error in the .xsl file that drives the transformation to generate the .html file. I have to point out that both files are not sent to the staging sandbox as a new snapshot until I do not submit them, as expected.

I wonder if nobody else is experiencing the same problems. I am pretty sure I have installed the correct versions both of the software and of the example.

Please help

Thanks in advance

Ciao Francesco