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SharePoint Protocol question

Question asked by jambrosino on Feb 13, 2011
I installed Alfresco Community 3.4c about a month ago, and everything seems to be working fine. Everything that is, except connectivity with the SharePoint protocol.

From inside my network, I can connect and use the SharePoint protocol through Microsoft Word. I have done so on both Windows 7 & XP (after modifying the registry on the Win7 machine to allow WebDav) with both Office 2003 & 2007.

My problem occurs when I try to connect remotely via the Internet.

I use http://myURL:7070/alfresco, and can connect to the server immediately. I get the Alfresco file picker, & can browse all sites and document libraries. When I pick a file to open, it takes 30 to 40 seconds to open a one sentence document, and then Word stalls for either a few minutes, or stalls for a few minutes and then crashes. If it eventually continues on and brings up the SharePoint panel, the message there is that updates could not be retrieved.

If I use the Alfresco Office Add-in, things seem to work appropriately and is pretty fast.

So, I guess my question is, does the SharePoint protocol actually work over the internet? Or, have I been wasting my time, & I should concentrate on training my Remote users to connect to Alfresco with the Alfresco Office Add-in.

Or, have I just missed a port on my firewall? I've already opened 7070 & appropriate http ports