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Working effectivly with Alfresco

Question asked by vbreivkk on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2011 by mrogers
Hello. We are in the starting phase of creating an applicaton which will use Alfresco as a repository. We need to create some new services and want to create java services.
Normally when developing we are using MyEclipse for the deployment and appserver plugin. There we deploy the webapp to a configured server and we can debug and hot deploy code as long we don't change the signature of the class.

In Alfresco things are a bit different. I now have a Tomcat server running the alfresco repository and a ant build script to build and deploy my services to it. The problem with this approach is:
- I have to restart Tomcat quite often and this takes time because it restarts the alfresco repository.
- Logs are printet to a file which I have to open in a seperate program
- To debug I must attach a remote debugger.

So instead of just hitting save and checking out my changes, I have change - test cycle that takes 4 minutes. It also involves several steps. I'm quite sure this is just ignorance, there is probably a much smarter way of working. I have heard that JRebel can help with server restarts, but the problem with logging, debugging, and running ant all the time still exists.

So any tips to improve the development environment would be greatly appreciated.

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