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How do I access Share Administration Console

Question asked by bcoulson on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2011 by stevegreenbaum

I am working on customizing the Share interface. I found instructions for changing the theme in the Wiki at: However, I could not get my changes to take affect. I have seen references to a Share Administration Console where I can modify the theme among other tasks. However, I do not see how I access this console. I can get to the administration console for Explorer but no icon or other option is available from the Share interface. Any thoughts?

I am wondering if I somehow lost the ability to be an administrator for Share when I synchronized my users/groups with LDAP. I did specify that the admin user be an Alfresco administrator and that works - I can see that admin is in the ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATOR group. Is that sufficient to have permissions to perform administrative actions on the Share interface? Or do I need to do more to ensure my admin user has the correct permisionss?