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Forms with xml

Question asked by acanol on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by acanol
Hi, I'm beginner in Alfresco, I have a week, I managed to create my own type of content and metadata do share.

What I'm trying to get now is this, I took several days looking for, but can not find what I need.

I want to create forms that once completed will generate an xml document, for example, in a specified directory.

I've seen webquick start, but I think it does not do what I need, I can get for example a xml form definition in a directory and is generated automatically form that can edit in web view created by webquick start, is this possible? It would be something like the definition of forms from Web forms.

All this is because i need that normal users (not developers) can make ours forms with easy fields.

I look orbeon, but i can't integrate with alfresco.

I hope you can advise me, thank you very much.