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Dynamic Posts Not Automatically Posting (in preview)

Question asked by foosetv on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by foosetv
I'm having an odd issue that I'm looking for some help on. I have a Quick Start site that for some reason will not automatically post the latest articles using the dynamic method. The only time I can get the section.articles "folder" to grab the newest posts is if I make a change in the metadata Query field and save. It seems only then alfresco will refresh and grab the new articles. I have the refresh set to 1 minute and I don't believe I have anything odd in my query.

SELECT d.* FROM cmis:document AS d JOIN ws:webasset AS wa ON d.cmis:objectId = wa.cmis:objectId WHERE d.cmis:objectTypeId='D:ws:article' AND in_tree(d, '${section:.}') ORDER BY DESC

It's almost as if CRON wasn't working or the site isn't connected to a CRON in any way. I'm not sure how all the backend of the WCMQS works to perform dynamic posts, is there a setting I have incorrect somewhere? If it makes any difference I'm running this instance of Alfresco on a Linux server. What's odd is that I have this QS site replicated on my local development box which is a package install of Alfresco on a Windows machine and the dynamic posts seem to work correctly. Is there some additional configuration I need to do on a Linux install verses a Windows install for the QS dynamic posts to function?