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Localization process way too complex

Question asked by jzaruba on Feb 20, 2011

Many people know English well enough and some of them are ready to contribute to translation to their own language, from time to time. Only few are able or willing to download/install/build/upload anything or to study some folder structure. (Not speaking about escaping sequences or character encoding.) Too much effort is required for such trivial task as translation, too much effort that has nothing to do with translation. And that effort is required from every person who might be willing to contribute only few minutes of their time.

I think there should be some kind of web-interface that would make it possible to contribute (with localization) to even only slightly more capable visitors.
Contributor shouldn't be bothered with anything more than a select-box to pick his language. And the very next step would be line of text and text-input for the translation. (That input might contain a suggestion created using Google Translate API.) Visitors should be able to review their own work and also to edit translations other people made earlier, if the visitor finds these inaccurate or simply wrong.

  J. Záruba