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Alfresco Share UI: How can i start and from where?

Question asked by al-mothafar on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by michaelc

I just Alfresco Beginner , I read "Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation" book and almost I understood Alfresco and working with alfresco and everything OK.  :)

But, I working now on "Share" specially on theme, I Just don't know from where start, how can I create a theme and custom the layout of Share Dashboard and Sites, actually, i found Poor documentation about it, like :

I need a rich documentation, that can i read it and understand what I must do and everything about Share UI customization, with the following point:

  • How can I start from right way to Customize UI of Share ?!
  • Can I Integrate Alfresco with Eclipse and create theme through it !???
  • I don't need to open hundreds (ftl,xml,js,css,images) files with tens of different folder to change UI, is there any easy method !??

  • Please I need detailed things (Articles, Blogs, Books, Wikis, .. etc)  :!:

    Just thing I'm dumber !!!!!!????  :(