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Windows explorer integeration

Question asked by jjk.saji on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by tullio0106
HI All
   I am trying out  alfresco 3.4.c on Linux server, I have my clients all on MS Windows user. I had tried out windows explorer integration.What I have in mind is that my Alfresco Work Space should be shown as Directory in windows explorer, I should be able to drag and drop to the repository. I had seen this feature in oracle UCM , where I could install a client on windows OS and have this feature

I searched the wiki and I had found this link ""

Also I had tried  by running  \\myserverip\Alfresco; Here I could see the repository folders, where each folders shows some file (" _CechingOut, _ShowDetails, _Alfresco ), A normal user should not be seeing this file , Also If I try to create or paste files in to this folder I get permission denied messages

Is there a better way of windows explorer integration