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Regenerate Renditions - Only to my sandbox

Question asked by javadevuk on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by javadevuk
My Job: I'm working in a team maintaining a corporate web site…
I've been given a task to re-do a set of template that affects all 50 pages of our site - I've been given a month to do this.
Another guy has to make daily content updates to certain pages and publishes this live.
We use Alfresco to produce static HTML file.

Problem: I make a change to a template, and I would like to see how this affects all 50 pages, before I submit it to staging.
I can regenerate a rendition by manually editing a single page in my sandbox. But this would be a very tedious task if I have to do this to all 50 pages.

Question: So.. how do I regenerate html renditions for all 50 pages? Remember, I only want to regenerate to my sandbox.
The regenerate rendition wizard appears to regenerate pages only to our staging sandbox, not in my sandbox.

My End Goal: I'd like to make sure all 50 pages are perfect in my sandbox before I submit it to staging for approval.

Using Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 and FreeMarker as our rendering engine.