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Does the number of custom properties affect

Question asked by philo11 on Feb 24, 2011
We are in the process of developing a Alfresco/Liferay application.
Alfresco's role in this regard is that of a data repository. We will not be using the Alfresco UI/Explorer to maintain the content items. 
We have a custom Type in our custom model with 125 properties, the vast majority of them are text.  30 of the properties are mutiple value properties.  We project that initially we will have 300 content items that will eventually grow to over 3000.

My gut tells me that it is prudent to ask whether this might cause some operational or technical challenges down the road.
I am researching whether we should expect any issues with this relatively high number of custom properties on a type and our current expectation for growth.
I am always mindful and concerned with performance and scalability.