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Access Control WSDL does not work in .Net

Question asked by deane on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2011 by pmonks
I purchased the "Alfresco 3 Web Services" book. I downloaded the samples and am attempting to compile the Alfresco library for .Net.

I have a problem, which, I've learned, a lot of other people have too.  It seems to be a general problem with the WSDL file for the Access Control service.  (I don't think it has anything to do with the book or these code samples specifically.)

When trying to update the AccessControlWebService in Visual Studio, I get this error:

The custom tool 'MSDiscoCodeGenerator' failed.  Unable to import binding 'AccessControlServiceSoapBinding' from namespace ''.

Updating from this WSDL is what generates the class file.  Without this class file, I cannot build the project.

This is the only one of the nine WSDLs in the project that won't update and generate a class file.  The other eight work just fine.

I thought maybe it was a Visual Studio problem, but it won't update from the command line either.

I've Googled and prowled these forums for hours, and found that lots of other people have the problem as well.  In fact, this topic is the same problem:

Problem with Access Control Web Service

Someone created the thread, and a bunch of other people chimed in with "has anyone found a solution?"

Later in the thread, Piergiorgio Lucidi himself (author of the aforementioned book) chimes in with a code snippet that he says is the corrected WSDL file.  However, one message under that says it didn't work, and, indeed, it didn't work for me either.  The update fails with the exact same error.

The thread is unresolved.

I have RTFMed up, down, and sideways on this.  I've whittled it down to the fact that perhaps this WSDL just isn't compatible with .Net for some reason.  (I'm not aware this is even possible – a WSDL is a WSDl is a WSDL…right?)

So, this is a final plea.  Does anyone know what the problem is here?