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'Save as' problem with Office and CIFS

Question asked by mlagneaux on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by mlagneaux

An update to Alfresco 3.3g fixed me CIFS problems but brought me others. So, I'm now doing tests with CIFS on Alfresco 3.4d.

In 3.3g, I had the problem referenced in the following pages :

As a consequence, I've done the following test on Alfresco 3.4d.
-   Create a Word document in Alfresco via the web UI ;
-   Activate versioning on this document and disable auto-version ;
-   Open this document via CIFS share in Windows Explorer ;
-   Make some modifications in the document in Word ;
-   « Save as » keeping the same name (So I overwrite the original document on CIFS Share).

JLAN-108 problem is correctly fixed but "Save as" action doesn't function properly.

A error window is displayed with the following message :
In french for me => "Une erreur de réseau ou d'autorisation de fichier a été générée. La connexion au réseau est peut-être perdue."
In English (I found it on Microsoft website) => "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost."

There's no message in Alfresco log.

I've found a post on Alfresco french forum but it is quite old and, in this case, there was an error in log. So I don't think there's a link with my problem

Is there any log to activate that could help to understand the problem ?
Do I have to raise a JIRA ticket about this bug ?

I've made my tests with :
- Alfresco 3.4d;
- CentOS 5.5 server;
- Windows XP and Windows 7 client;
- Office 2007.